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VR gaming refers to playing video games using a headset with three-dimensional visuals and tactile or force feedback controller capabilities, as well as tracking devices.

VR headsets typically require a powerful gaming PC to work, as they’re usually wired. To provide accurate tracking of user movements they require a room without obstructions for optimal tracking performance.

3D Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles can help develop visual-spatial reasoning skills and enhance memory, providing stress relief while improving recall. Made from various materials and with different difficulty levels in mind; such as simple images or complex art works by famous artists or models of real objects; some feature lights or mechanical gears as decorative pieces while there are even 3D surfaces that require different approaches in order to fit together seamlessly; this type of puzzle can also provide hours of entertainment!

Most 3D jigsaw puzzles are constructed from wood and plastic materials, though some may also use cardboard or chipboard backings that are cheaper but less durable than wooden-backed versions. Some 3D jigsaws even employ special tools to cut through pieces with precision; wood-backed versions cost more but offer superior durability and precision for maximum enjoyment by adults and children who possess advanced spatial reasoning abilities.

Solving a jigsaw puzzle can do more than improve spatial intelligence; it can also increase happiness. Studies indicate that solving puzzles stimulate the brain to release dopamine and endorphins – chemicals which produce feelings of happiness and accomplishment – providing relief from depression or anxiety. Specifically useful for people suffering from these conditions.

3D jigsaw puzzles can be an enjoyable and interactive way to pass time with family or friends. From simple to more difficult versions, these puzzles offer hours of relaxing entertainment! Plus there are even ones designed specifically for all age groups so everyone can participate.

Puzzling Places is a relaxing and rewarding 3D jigsaw puzzle game made for VR that works beautifully. Utilizing photogrammetry to recreate real-world locations – coastal cities, Armenian temples and fancy mansions among them – the game brings them all to life as you piece them together while taking pleasure from its immersive audiovisual effects and soothing soundtrack.

Playable both standing or sitting, it makes the ideal game for anyone with any VR headset. Furthermore, its intuitive gameplay and lack of artificial movements makes it more accessible for people new to VR.


Ping-Pong is an engaging classic that’s easy to learn but difficult to master, making it the perfect candidate for virtual reality (VR). All that’s required to start playing VR ping-pong is a headset and eyes with vision as well as hands for paddling the paddle; in VR the game becomes even more immersive by showing your surroundings and even enabling interaction between player and their surroundings.

Ping-Pong VR goes beyond traditional table tennis rules to bring players an array of fun and challenging modes. From arcade-style arcade games that require players to hit a ball through stacks of cans or walls to hitting specific targets on or off of the table. There’s even an exciting tournament mode which pits two opponents in an all-out match!

Players have the option of selecting either one or two Move controllers; however if using only one you will need to manually change settings every time you launch the game. The physics are fairly accurate and it feels great playing; anyone familiar with real ping-pong may even be amazed at how accurate its simulation can be!

Ping-Pong VR’s best feature is its customization feature, enabling players to adjust the environment they’re playing in. By default, stadium settings with spectators are used; however, you have complete freedom in changing this venue as desired for increased immersion and making you feel as though you are really part of the experience.

Ping-Pong VR Pro from Merge Games marks a marked improvement over their 2017 original, with improved visuals and multiplayer action. Unfortunately, inconsistent physics are still holding back the experience; along with bugs, missing arcade modes or dead multiplayer it makes Ping-Pong VR Pro difficult to recommend right now; hopefully though Early Access continues this will change.

Creed Boxing

Creed Boxing from Survios provides players with an intense VR boxing workout in the ring. Using full-body tracking and motion-based controllers, players are easily able to block, dodge, and punch with precision. In addition, Creed Boxing utilizes its proprietary phantom melee technology for maximum immersion; plus its advanced haptic feedback and 3D spatial audio make you feel like you’re actually in the ring with opponents!

Creed Boxing is available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest users, offering immersive visuals and realistic fighting mechanics that make this game ideal for experienced VR gamers as well as casual VR users alike. The game includes various game modes – arcade-style matches and career mode are among them – featuring a physics engine to throw and dodge punches accurately with pinpoint accuracy while its realistic hit registration system, slow motion effect and stamina systems enhance the experience further.

The game’s graphical quality is outstanding, featuring intricate character models and diverse arenas that immerse players into the world of Creed movies. Additionally, its soundtrack matches perfectly to its action; Rocky’s heavy breathing and gloves hitting the ring add an additional level of excitement during fights; while its slo-mo and knockdown animations provide extra enjoyment although some players may find their system cumbersome and complicated.

Creed Boxing provides plenty of content and challenging opponents, yet still falls short as an authentic boxing simulator. The Thrill of the Fight stands out as a superior option due to its realistic graphics and immersive training experience. Both games offer immense fun; however they each serve different audiences so it is essential that you carefully consider what you want out of your VR boxing experience before making your purchase decision.

Half Life: Alyx

Half Life: Alyx is an innovative new entry in the series designed specifically for virtual reality (VR). While not the anticipated Half Life 3 title fans had long anticipated, this prequel to an acclaimed game franchise proves how VR can create a rich narrative experience – without resorting to first-person shooting action! It offers players a heartfelt exploration of an established universe made familiar through years of captivating gaming.

Half Life: Alyx is an immersive first-person adventure set five years prior to Half Life 2, where instead of playing as Gordon Freeman you take on the role of his companion Alyx Vance. While exploring dystopian City 17, you must repel alien intruders as you repel intruders – in an action adventure which offers remarkable tonal range ranging from dilapidated hotel rooms filled with alien spores all the way through brick warehouses and chimney stacks in its industrial district, Half Life: Alyx vividly recreates an entire world in vivid detail!

Half Life: Alyx is designed entirely for audio use. When moving through its environment, you’ll hear Alyx’s footsteps and weapons clatter as she walks past, creating an immersive atmosphere. Her dialogue will also come through clearly from voice actor Ellen McElduff in an effortless and natural tone.

Half Life: Alyx is a fully immersive virtual reality (VR) experience best enjoyed in standing position. This allows players to feel more connected to the game, drawing them deeper into its narrative experience. However, those prone to motion sickness should note that some have reported feeling queasy while playing this title.

To play Half Life: Alyx on either an Oculus Quest 2 or Meta VR headset, you’ll need an Air Link cable or compatible third-party adapter connected directly to a PC. Plutosphere offers low latency connections for VR headsets through virtual computers – which allows for playing SteamVR games on virtual PCs with low latency connections – enabling SteamVR games on virtual computers with either hourly fees or subscription plans which provide up to 20 hours of playback per month and permanent cloud storage options.

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