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Crypto gaming has experienced explosive growth over recent years. Offering many of the same elements found in traditional games, but with one additional draw: ownership.

P2E crypto games incentivize players based on their in-game activities and playing time spent, providing rewards such as in-game crypto or NFTs that can later be traded on exchanges.

Swords of Blood

Recent years have witnessed major developments within the crypto gaming industry. P2E games, popular worldwide and attracted by established video game publishers and developers, offer gamers the ability to earn cryptocurrency through gameplay – this model combining classic video game elements with cutting-edge blockchain tech features.

Swords of Blood stands out as an impressive example of this trend, boasting breathtaking graphics and engaging gameplay. Set in Ezura’s devastated realm, players assume roles of warriors or battle-mages to battle goblins and other creatures while engaging in PvP fights for survival in an immersive world. Additionally, Swords of Blood features an intricate backstory as well as diverse modes such as PvP.

Swords of Blood offers users more than just gameplay; it also serves as a social platform and rewards users with in-game currency called $SWDTKN that they can purchase from DEX or CEX exchanges, or earn through playing tournaments and earning it themselves – this token can then be traded back onto DEX or CEX exchanges to buy more in-game currency for higher rankings in tournaments with prizes like in-game items and NFT game boosters such as special swords! Furthermore, Swords of Blood provides an auction platform where players can sell assets while Swords will take a small fee on marketplace sales which will help ensure Swords of Blood remains sustainable long term.

Swords of Blood’s presale is currently underway and investors can purchase SWDTKN tokens through an exchange such as eToro or Coinbase. Once an investor has purchased their Ethereum, they can visit the Swords of Blood website to connect their wallet via Metamask and play the game – as soon as your wallet has been successfully connected, an alert will notify you and you can start playing the game! eToro/Coinbase hopes to launch their game between Q1-Q2 of 2023 with an updated UI/NFT marketplace/PvP maps/virtual vanity item system/community chat room as well as VR capabilities into its platform!

Fight Out

Fight Out is an ambitious cryptocurrency project designed to revolutionize the fitness industry on Web3. Using blockchain, smart contracts, staking, and NFTs as rewards mechanisms for playing fitness-themed games based on real world exercises which incentivize participants towards meeting their training and fitness goals – these rewards can then be redeemed against merchandise and other in-game items.

FGHT features an engaging virtual fitness avatar to motivate users to adopt healthy lifestyle choices and make positive changes in their lives. This unique approach has already won praise from crypto experts such as Jacob Crypto Bury who named FGHT one of the top three cryptos to invest in for 2023.

Fight Out presents an intriguing use case of blockchain technology, and we are eager to see where their innovation leads them in the future. The team behind Fight Out appears to be on to something, delivering an outstanding user experience in fitness and metaverse spaces. Their presale has begun and investors can claim their tokens by March 31, 2023.

To purchase Fight Out tokens during the presale, connect a wallet (MetaMask is recommended) and exchange ETH or USDT for FGHT, the main on-chain currency for our platform that can be traded for other in-game items or redeemed for rewards on our app such as fitness equipment and NFTs. It can also be used to enter fitness tournaments or wager on real-life MMA matches.

Fight Out’s team has implemented various user-friendly features into its platform to make it accessible for newcomers to cryptocurrency. Partnerships with Web3Auth enable wallet creation with ease, Wert allows credit card purchases of tokens directly, and initial token usage does not necessitate token usage – an innovative departure from other pay-to-earn projects which are difficult for non-crypto novices. All these benefits make Fight Out an attractive investment option for anyone interested in tapping into fitness or metaverse markets.


Decentraland is a 3D virtual world powered by blockchain technology that enables users to collaborate on content creation. Participants also claim ownership of virtual land called LAND; each parcel encoded on a blockchain-based ledger contains unique cartesian coordinates allowing developers to build anything from static 3D scenes to interactive systems such as games. Users may rent out their LAND for various uses such as building casinos or hotels.

Ari Meilich and Esteban Ordano of Argentina developed this platform together; their background includes developing top-level applications. Metaverse Reality is one of the key players in making virtual worlds real with its user base including celebrities and some major global brands; its SDK allows developers to easily create virtual worlds.

The latest version of the SDK offers improvements to usability, performance and portability for creators looking for code-free creation. Furthermore, its enhanced visual experience offers enhanced graphical output on desktop as well as mobile devices.

Many massive multiplayer online games feature complex economic systems designed to support gameplay and foster interaction among their users. As a result, virtual worlds with millions of users have emerged over time – setting activity records. Decentraland is at the forefront of this trend using blockchain technology to create an exciting metaverse for its users to enjoy.

Decentraland is powered by Ethereum blockchain technology and MANA digital currency. Players can use MANA to launch businesses or explore the Metaverse while purchasing or selling items using secure transactions recorded on Ethereum blockchain.

The platform can be accessed through any browser supporting WebGL and membership is free, though users must pay a small fee in MANA to rent an area in the Metaverse. They can do this using either physical wallets such as Nano S or Nano X wallets or software wallets.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a decentralized game built on the Ethereum blockchain where players collect, breed and battle digital characters known as Axies. The DApp has become one of the most popular gaming DApps on Ethereum and has received investment from prominent investors like Reddit co-founder Mark Cuban. Furthermore, Axie Infinity was an early innovator of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming, rewarding users for participating in in-game activities with cryptocurrency rewards.

Contrary to traditional videogames where developers generate revenue by selling in-game items or benefits, Axie Infinity makes money through charging users a transaction fee when buying and selling Axies on its marketplace. Furthermore, there is a community treasury which collects fees from purchases as well as part of staked rewards, encouraging community involvement in game development and governance.

Smooth Love Potion (SLP) token is used as the currency in this game’s economy. Players can purchase and sell Axies in the marketplace or breed them together to produce new ones, each one boasting six body parts such as ears, horns, eyes, mouth, back and tail that each serve a specific purpose in battle; when combined certain body parts produce stronger Axies. In addition to SLP token rewards for battle can also be awarded in Ethereum form.

One of the major barriers to Axie Infinity’s accessibility for potential gamers in developing countries who lack access to funds is its prohibitively expensive starting requirements – three Axies can cost as much as $125 each! In order to address this problem, scholarships have been established so users can play without incurring initial Axie costs.

Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese gaming studio established in 2018, designed Axie Infinity. Their founding team included Trung Nguyen – CEO of Axie Infinity and former competitive gamer who represented Norway at World of Warcraft 3 tournaments; Aleksander Larsen is its CTO with experience in software engineering as a former member of Glorious (Norwegian Professional Gaming Team) professional gaming team; together these individuals form their 40-person development team dedicated to Axie Infinity full time!

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