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The top 5 Gaming Blogs


Gaming may have the reputation of being violent and addictive, yet they actually provide cognitive and physical benefits when played responsibly. If you play moderately.

Contrary to many game review sites that let their personal biases dictate reviews, this one clearly separates technical scores and morality ratings for games.

1. Game Informer

Game Informer is one of the longest-running video gaming magazines with over 7.5 million subscribers worldwide. It offers articles about video games, consoles and related technology as well as news updates, reviews and strategy tips. Furthermore, this magazine regularly conducts interviews with prominent developers and industry figures.

Game Informer articles are written by journalists who are also passionate gamers, creating an in-depth coverage. Content ranges from “E” for Everyone to “M”, covering everything from new releases to classic titles.

As GameStop is its parent company, this magazine benefits from an ample marketing budget. Subscriptions can be obtained for free through GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards program – offering members exclusive content and pre-order opportunities as perks – or at stores or digitally on its website.

Game Informer features both news coverage and regular roundtable discussions between various experts in the gaming industry, in its print edition. Digital offerings of Game Informer include podcasts and mobile versions; hosts of these show cover topics related to current gaming events as well as newly announced and released titles.

Cody Mello-Klein recently spent his Fall co-op at Game Informer as an editorial intern, writing daily articles for their website while working closely with editors on longer features, interviews and previews of upcoming video games. This experience at one of the premier video game publications has proven invaluable and given him tangible skills for future career as a journalist.

2. Destructoid

Destructoid was established as a video game blog in March 2006 by Yanier Gonzalez. It features user blogs, forums and editors dedicated to producing high-quality gaming content for Destructoid as part of Gamurs Group which also publishes PC Invasion Twinfinite Prima Games Gamepur among many other quality sites.

Since its founding, has been at the forefront of gaming charity work. They hold multiple charity events alongside their video game coverage. Furthermore, Mr. Destructoid, their mascot has appeared in multiple video games like Bomberman Live and Dino Run as well as PixelJam Eternity’s Child before being removed following a negative review on Destructoid’s website. Furthermore, Mr. Destructoid can be found as an unlockable helmet in Retro City Rampage as well.

Timothy first started writing community blogs for Destructoid in 2012. Taking an interest in RPGs and the Ys series, Timothy decided to take his writing professional. Destructoid requires all writers to disclose any relationships with companies/games reviewed as well as gifts/travel provided in exchange for shift leads.

3. GamesRadar+

GamesRadar+ is an international media group owned by Future Publishing that features video game news and reviews as well as content related to movies and television. The website is known for its professional yet humorous approach to video game journalism, producing its popular weekly podcast TalkRadar which can be downloaded via iTunes and features interviews with gaming personalities like Jim Sterling (Destructoid) and Brad Shoemaker (Giant Bomb).

Future Publishing-owned websites Total Film, SFX and Edge were combined into GamesRadar+ in late 2014. This combined site specializes in video games with articles, previews and reviews covering them as well as providing ranked lists of their best titles and films.

GameRadar+ employs a team of journalists who produce daily gaming news, videos and podcasts. In addition to having an expansive social media presence and being part of Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), their goal is to inform and entertain readers alike.

Gaming coverage on the website is offered in multiple languages and the company offers flexible jobs to employees with varied schedules. One such job is Guides Writer who writes video game guides and tips content; this role reports directly to Guides Co-ordinator/Global Editor-in-Chief.

Metacritic provides a comprehensive collection of video game reviews and ratings on their site, written by in-house staff and subject to stringent editorial practices for accuracy, fairness, and transparency. Additionally, movie/TV reviews from sister publication SFX may sometimes appear on this platform; moreover there are flexible job opportunities for writers with various specializations including movie/TV reviews, video game guides, tips/advice articles etc.

4. Enthusiast Gaming Blog

Gaming blogs can be an excellent way to stay abreast of the newest releases and learn more about your favourite titles. Gaming blogs feature reviews, news updates, and game improvement tips – perfect for keeping yourself up-to-date. Furthermore, these blogs can provide beginners with information about what features are available and how best to utilize them.

This site, created by a team of passionate PlayStation fans, provides impartial coverage of all PlayStation-related news and events. Updated daily with articles and features, the site also serves as an excellent place for discovering new games and consoles – and best of all it’s completely free, meaning anyone can benefit from its information!

Enthusiast Gaming Holdings Inc, a Canada-based integrated gaming entertainment company, is creating the world’s largest community for video game and eSports fans. Their network features over 100 active websites, over 20M YouTube subscribers, 7 pro E-Sports teams, over 550 influencers, subscription sites, events as well as subscription services that they are using to monetize their audience by selling advertising space directly to brands at premium rates.

With more than 2.6B Gen Z’s consuming content and playing video games at unprecedented levels, Enthusiast’s strong suit lies in their ability to directly reach this dedicated gamer demographic. Their platform is free for the user while they retain ownership over any data associated with each user – something brands value and pay premium prices for. This sets them apart from competitors who may only offer indirect access via large games companies or streaming platforms.

5. iGaming News

IGaming is experiencing tremendous growth, providing ample employment opportunities for iGaming employees. Many top jobs are available with international gaming companies and feature relocation options to exciting new places. Furthermore, employers recognize that employees with children tend to be more loyal, which in turn results in greater performance and longer years of service from employees who receive generous parental leave benefits.

iGaming News is an online digital newspaper covering news from the iGaming industry. This publication features land-based casino news, regulations and legislation updates, sports betting updates as well as interviews with key industry players. Furthermore, market reports and interviews of key iGaming players are provided in both English and Spanish to meet international gaming executives’ needs.

While iGaming News covers major games, it also features reviews written by everyday gamers – making the platform an invaluable source for unfiltered user opinions on any given title. These user reviews may provide valuable insight if you need an outside perspective or wish to get another opinion about an experience. This site divides its reviews into two scores; one measures technical elements such as gameplay, controls and graphics while the second evaluates moral aspects such as language use, violence or sexual content. Families looking out for their kids’ gaming choices will appreciate this resource’s helpful guides for popular titles; another feature often missing from gaming sites. Furthermore, its up-front nature regarding any biases or breaches of ethics makes it an attractive option for players seeking impartial assessments of their favorite titles.

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